As a coach I realize that the softball conditioning drills are NOT the favorites with my team. I came up with these drills to make them fun, competitive and not the dreaded drills they expected.   Give them a try!

Cross Fire

We warm up the girls with a softball drill we call “cross fire”. There are two coaches–one on the left and one on the right side of home plate who hit grounders to the 2nd base and shortstop positions as the girls move in and out.   They throw to the catcher positioned next to the coach.   This is a great way to keep the girls moving and get them warmed up!!

Figure 8 Infield/Outfield Drill

We also do a “figure 8 infield/outfield drill”.   Half the team is at home, the other is in center.   Two coaches with bats and 2 buckets of softballs are at the pitchers mound.   Each coach hits a fly to center.   Players catch with good outfield technique and throw back into the coach.

The other coach hits side to side grounder. Players catch with good infield technique and throw back to the coach.   The girl then follows the throw at a good run to the other line.   Repeat until they are all winded!