These [tag]softball conditioning drills[/tag] help your players develop speed while conditioning. It teaches all the defensive skills needed to field a ground ball and the proper turn to locate a fly ball.

Mark the [tag]softball[/tag] field with 16 dots one foot apart down the foul line of our field. We use them for conditioning and fundamentals.

Form a line and weave through the dots one at a time in follow the leader.
Next they run across the dots breaking down at each dot in a fielding position with the glove down on the dot.
Next run to the next dot and continue through the grid.
Next rotation we touch with glove hand through the grid.
Next rotation we touch bare hand side on the dots.
Next rotation we alternate hands to dots glove side then bare hand.
Then we weave backwards rotating over the shoulder switching shoulder sides at each dot.
We will work this rotation 8 times between our pre-practice warm ups and fielding [tag]softball drills[/tag].

It’s a team [tag]softball drill[/tag] that has all the players involved.   It’s a great conditioning tool and it helps the players in getting down on the ball when we go on defensive sets.