If you need [tag]softball conditioning drills[/tag] that will energize your team, sharpen their skills and become a favorite, try this [tag]softball drill[/tag].

Separate your infielders and outfielders, and have competitions against each other. Have the outfielders doing the same [tag]softball[/tag] drills as the infielders, and make a competition out of it.   The winners get a 10 minutes water break, or the losers have to run a lap around the entire field, something in that order. Then switch the situation, having the infielders doing the outfielders drills, running the same scenario.

This really seemed to get my softball players fired up against each other, without even realizing they were sharpening their skills by doing these simple [tag]softball drills[/tag]. They were caught up in the situation of beating their counterpart at their own game.