Many softball coaches struggle to come up with new ideas for [tag]softball conditioning drills[/tag].   Here is one suggestion that has worked for me in the past.Softball conditioning Drills

Nobody Likes indoor practice, especially outfielders!   In order to get a good work out, use every [tag]softball drill[/tag] as a conditioning opportunity.

For outfielders we:
LEVEL 1) Square-Ups to Crow Hop: pick a line in the gym where the outfielder IMAGINES fielding a ball, getting a good crow hop in to get to a good throwing position. (5-10 good reps, then add a ball)

LEVEL 2) Field Through-the ball to a Crow Hop: Same drill as 1, but we are more aggressive towards the [tag]softball[/tag] to keep runners from advancing (same# reps, then add a ball)

LEVEL 3) Do or die- Running in on the ball, come THROUGH with only one step between fielding and throwing (Emphasis on glove and glove foot being side by side as ball enters the glove, throwing leg comes up to chest to get into a CONTROLLED throwing position.) (Same reps OR until perfect.then add ball)

By the time your players are done, they have done from 15 to 30+ reps of footwork and controlling their bodies, and got a good sweat in.

These are especially good [tag]softball drills[/tag] when your outfield arms may be a bit tired. You can use ball/no ball and throw/no throw days based on how much throwing was done the days prior.