Nick, one of my subscribers, came up with some great suggestions for [tag]softball conditioning drills[/tag].   Give this a try with your team and you’ll see immediate results.Softball Conditioning Drills

From Nick…
I always go to [tag]softball[/tag] games early just to find new [tag]softball drills[/tag]. This is a [tag]softball drill[/tag] that I made up and it covers many different aspects of the game. This drill is called ” touch them all”.

You first pair off the girls in two.
The first girl stands behind home plate with her back to the infield.
The second girl stands behind third base facing home plate.
The coach places a softball in front of home plate then blows a whistle to start the drill.

The girl behind home plate turns then finds the ball and throws it to the girl on third. She then catches the ball lays it on third and sprints to second base. The first girl sprints to third base picks the ball up and throws it to the girl waiting on second. The girl on second sprints to first and this continues until the first girl throws the ball home then sprints to touch home plate.

The girls love this drill because I use a stop watch to time them. But as in any fun drill that the girls love, it comes at the end of practice.