If you’re looking for ideas to start off your practices, give these a try.   These are all excellent warm-up, [tag]softball conditioning drills[/tag] that even your players will ask for!

For warm-ups before each game our team jogs to outfield, forms 2 lines with players facing each other and begins a routine of stretches & simple exercises such as jumping jacks. A different “leader” is picked for each game to lead the routine (army drill manner).   The leader says one, remaining girls say one and so on; this really pumps the girls up before each game .

Instead of running laps for conditioning, we start each   practice with base running drills; three runners at a time starting from 1st 2nd and 3rd with a pitcher on the mound moving to any base or pitching to the plate and the runners moving on each simulated pitch.   Good practice for lead offs, getting back, or stealing.

Here is another [tag]softball[/tag] drill I really like to do to start practice.   Line up the kids in two lines facing each other.   First kid throws to the kid in the front of the other line.   If she catches, it all kids say “1”.   She then throws it back and if caught, all kids say “2” and so on.

The idea is basics: good throwing and good catching (with two hands).   It is also a great intimidator to hear your team get to 20 or more while the opposing team is watching them do this in warm ups.   It also fires up the kids as they get to numbers they have not reached in the past.