I find that the traditional wisdom on [tag]softball conditioning drills[/tag] is a bit stale.   Here’s an idea that will liven things up at your next practice.

This is a [tag]softball drill[/tag] I have used for years.   We call it Work-Up.Softball conditioning Drills

It gives the players an opportunity to play in all of the positions (which they usually enjoy) and makes them swing on the first pitch (which many batters are not used to doing from their bobby-sox days when pitchers didn’t have good control).

The way it works is you have all of the positions covered and one pitcher and catcher who will remain until you rotate a new battery in.   Tell your pitcher to just throw strikes; each [tag]softball[/tag] player will get to bat and if they hit and are able to score they stay up to bat. However, if they get out then they must   hussle out to right field and rotate through each position except for pitcher and catcher to get up to bat again.   They go from right to center to left to 3rd to SS to 2nd to 1st then up to bat.   When they hit and are safe the defense now has some situations to play so it is game like.