These are two of my teams favorite [tag]softball conditioning drills[/tag].   These [tag]softball drills[/tag] make practice fun while still being effective.

Z Ball Drill
Z Ball, Reaction Ball (the ball that bounces every which way), 2 blue and 2 orange (2 different colors)

Split team into two teams for relay race. Throw all 4 balls to the end of the gym and have two players on each team return their color of balls. Once the [tag]softball coach[/tag] has both team balls, the coach throws and the next 2 players chase down the balls.   Fun and great conditioning!

Another drill I use on my girls uses the pitching machine.
I take our pitching machine and line up the girls single file approximately 30 ft from the machine.   I set the machine for 35 to 40 MPH and make the girls face away from the machine.   As I shout “ball” they have to turn around and catch the ball as it comes out of the machine. If they sidestep the ball there is a good chance it will hit the next fielder in the back(ouch).

This teaches our girls to stay with [tag]softball[/tag] and catch it.