Softball Defense for 3rd Base

One of the things about third base is that it is a reaction position. In other words, you have got to be close to the ground at all times, and simply react to a batted ball. In today’s video blog post, we are talking a little bit about the 3rd base position, and some tips for defending from 3rd base.

It’s important that your 3rd base player understand the importance and mechanics of the backhand catch and getting everything up the deep hole and short, because by the time the shortstop can get there, set up and make the throw, a fast runner will beat it out 9 times out of 10. This is where the 3rd base player becomes invaluable.

The setup position in relationship to the foul line tends to be where you can use one reach and protect the line. In the later innings , you may be closer to the line, or earlier in the game you might be a little further out, but you always want to make sure that something isn’t going to get past you on the line side. You should especially be at a good distance to backhand efficiently.

You want your 3rd base player to get as many balls on the inside as possible. And this is where you have to be comfortable with angling. You want the player to be ready to grab that ball, get around it and make the throw.

It’s important for the 3rd base player to have their feet in a square position, so they can quickly move to either side. This is where it becomes especially critical to not open or close one part of the stance when you are going to the side. Maintain that square position and be quick and agile on your feet so you can respond quickly to any situation.


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