I received this suggestion for [tag]softball drills[/tag] from Russ.   All [tag]coach[/tag]es have had the experience of helping players overcome the fear of [tag]catching[/tag] [tag]fly balls[/tag].   This is very creative and works great…give it a try!Softball Drills

From Russ…
I coach 9 and 10 yr old girls [tag]softball[/tag].
I was trying to think of a drill that would help the girls [tag]catch[/tag] “fly balls”.   They are really scared of a high fly ball at this age.

I lined them up at the 3rd bass foul line and on “go” the next girl in line runs. I [tag]throw[/tag] the ball out in front of them as if a football quarterback throws to a wide receiver.   This allows the girl to “run under it” instead of it coming “straight at them”.   This is much less intimidating for them.

They go to IT instead of it coming AT THEM.
Once they run across left to right I do the same thing right to left, increasing the distance and height of the ball on each pass. The distance increases and their confidence grows.   Pretty soon their catching them high and deep.

I watch other coaches hit to them deep in the [tag]outfield[/tag] and the girls are scared to death.   I think this helps. I hope this helps others.