These are some of the [tag]softball drills and tips[/tag] that coaches have sent to me which they use with their teams. Try them out with your team tonight!Softball Drills and Tips

From Brandon…
Soft hands [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag]

Plain and simple.
Bare-handed, players roll a ball back and forth slowly on a roll and field the ball in front of them. They bring the ball up into their bodies and ready themselves to [tag]throw[/tag]. (I explain that as a [tag]receiver[/tag] [tag]catching[/tag] a ball in a drill, you dont just stop, you turn upfield and run) 20-30 reps, 20 -30 backhands, and then throw on a glove and do it again!

From Jim…
Here is my tip.
I call it inside/ outside. Kids love it as a fast paced drill and coaches use it to understand and evaluate talent. Split your group in two, line half at shortstop and half at left center field.

First, hit a grounder to the shortstop, she fires it home. Next, hit a fly to the left fielder who fires to the cutoff/shortstop who fires it home.   Then they run to the opposite line and you drill the next in line.