This is one of the [tag]softball drills for coaches to do with players[/tag] that Craig sent to me.   Try this out with your team tonight!Softball Drills for Coaches To Do with Players

3-Ball Drill
This is a team [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that works on throwing accuracy and [tag]baserunning[/tag] at the same time.

1. Set up three cones down the 3rd base line with a ball in front of them, evenly spaced 10-30′ from 3rd base. Half the team are [tag]fielders[/tag] at 3rd base and half are [tag]baserunners[/tag] at home plate. The first fielder sets up like a baserunner on 3rd base, and the baserunner sets up at the corner of home plate.

2. On the coach’s whistle, the [tag]baserunner[/tag] runs from home to 2nd base while the fielder is approaching the first ball. The idea is for the fielder to have all three balls accurately thrown to the 2nd baseman before the baserunner slides safely into 2nd base.

3. The key points are for the [tag]fielder[/tag] to approach the ball and set up in line with 2nd base. The fielder will have to stay low approaching each ball instead of standing straight up running to each ball.

4. The key point for the baserunner is to cut the inside bag at 1st base and slide to the outfield side of 2nd base, opposite the direction of the throw.

5. The drill can be modified for [tag]outfielders[/tag], setting up the three cones in centerfield. The baserunners will have to slide to infield side of 2nd base.