Take a look at these [tag]softball drills for kids[/tag] that one of my subscribers sent to me.   Creative, fun and effective; great for your youth teams in T-ball or little league baseball.Softball Drills for Kids

From Steve…
T-Ball Swap
I use a [tag]softball fielding drill[/tag] to get kids used to fielding a ball that is dropping from the sky over their heads.

I use some ultra soft, foam balls that won’t hurt if the kids miss it and get hit in the head. As the coach I stand behind each kid and drop the ball from the sky directly over their heads. The kids should have their hands up in position to catch the ball. At first I have them do it bare-handed so that they get use to the idea of catching it with two hands then I graduate to them using their mitts. I usually split the kids into 2-3 groups and ask for tall parents assistance with this [tag]softball[/tag] drill – this maximizes the number of touches each kid gets.

Another [tag]fun softball drill[/tag] I use is an adaptation of a soccer drill I have used in the past. I call it “Hit the Coach.” Using the same soft foam balls, I give each kid a ball and allow them to throw the ball at me while I try to elude their throws. The kids have a blast trying to hit me with the ball and I have fun trying to avoid it. If they hit me three times I will agree to do some silly animal noise that they get to choose.

This helps them use the [tag]softball skills[/tag] they have learned to throw the ball properly, accurately and quickly. It’s also good when they miss because they naturally want to pick up the ball as fast as they can and try to hit me again – this translates in to them fielding and throwing to the proper base quickly and accurately in a game situation.