Rich came up with some great suggestions covering [tag]softball drills for practice[/tag]. Keep ‘em coming!
Use this as the last base-running [tag]softball[/tag] drill.   The goal is for speed and running under pressure.  Softball Drills for Practice  

Have all your players line up at home plate.   Place a glove 8 feet up the first base line. Have your first player start sprinting around all the bases.   When he reached the glove, the next player in run starts sprinting and tries to pass him o the bases.   This continues with all the players.   If a player gets passed or misses a base, he must do 10 push-ups.   I realize in baseball you can’t pass runners, but it gets the kids to run hard and cut the angles on the basepaths.   KIDS LOVE THIS..Place kids with equal speed back to back in the line and watch them fly…
Infield fielding drill
Three cone drill
Place three cones in a straight line with the first one deep infield, the second one mid infield and the third short infield ( all in a straight column) This can be done on both sides of the infield to get more reps for the fielders.   Have one coach per line hit ground balls.   The kids start at the cone deep in the infield, when the ground ball is hit to him he advance to the middle cone to receive the ball then crow hops to the third cone to make his throw.   Each cone should be 3-4 ft away from each other.   This [tag]drill[/tag] demonstartes proper ready stance, advancement on the ball,   crow hop footwork.