I find that the traditional wisdom on [tag]softball drills[/tag] is a bit stale.   Here’s an idea from Kathy that has livened things up quite a bit in my practices.

Softball Drills

Skill:   Relaying the ball from the outfield to the infield for the play at the base.

Drill:   Start with three [tag]softball[/tag] players: 1. Outfielder, 2. Cut off , 3. Baseman
Ball is relayed as fast and accurately as possible to the infield with special concern for height and side of base placement depending on the infield base relaying to.

Player #3 needs to drop step and pivot in the correct direct to relay ball to baseman.

Left Field to 3rd base, drop step with left foot and pivot with right, throwing low, knee height and inside of base of 3rd baseman.

Center field to 2nd, same of on 3rd base side, but opposite if on the first base side.   Ball needs to come in on the 3rd base side so 2nd can sweep toward first with the tag. Right to 2nd, ball is going to come in on the first base side and the 2nd basemen will have to sweep backwards toward base.

Player #2 will drop step with the left and pivot with the right.

Inside this can be done in straight lines in a gym.   A fourth player can be added on one end and then after they throw to the middle player they run the length to the other end and get behind the baseman.  

Looks kinda like this:
#1>#2>#3<#2<#1 or with a  4th player  #1>#2>#3, #4 #3 runs to behind #1 after the relay back to #2.