These ideas for [tag]softball drills[/tag] and [tag]softball coach[/tag]ing tips are courtesy of two of my subscribers, Steve and Dan. Keep ’em coming!Softball Drills

From Steve…
Beginning [tag]softball throwing drill[/tag]:

Start the players out on both knees around 10 yards apart. Keeping their elbow up, they throw getting back spin on each throw. After 25 throws, they go to knee with the same motion but turning their shoulder to the other player, 15 to 20 yards apart.
Finally, they stand up, keeping the same motion and turn their shoulder to the other [tag]softball[/tag] player with an added front foot step, 25 to 30 yards apart.

From Dan…
We have been working with our 9 year old pitchers using video.   It’s one thing to tell them and try to explain the proper fundamentals, but when they see themselves on tape and   with the stop/pause features, it comes to life for them.

Suddenly, we just aren’t picking on them and they can see what we are trying to teach them.