These [tag]softball drills[/tag] are a couple of the tried and true ones.   They have been around a long time because they WORK.   Give them a try!

The first [tag]softball drill[/tag] is a relay drill that focuses on the long hit where the short stop or the second baseman have to go to into the outfield to relay the [tag]softball[/tag] to home plate or second base.

I also do hits down the lines so that the third baseman and first baseman get practice too.   I’ll hit or throw the ball deep into the outfield getting the infielders into relay position. The outfielder catches or gets the ball then throws it to the cutoff player who turns and throws it to the catcher or second base which ever the team needs work on. Start out slow so they understand what needs to happen and where they need to go. Then back up and pick up the pace. Until you just stand at home plate and tell them which base to bring the ball to. Randomly hit the ball deep.

Another one is a [tag]softball fielding drill[/tag] for pop-flies. The fielders stand with their backs to you and you start out throwing the softball to them.   You throw the up into the air like a pop-up, as you throw the ball you yell “ball!”   The fielder turns around and finds the ball and catches it.

Don’t throw the ball right at the player, you’re not trying to hit them. As the fielders get more experienced at this you can back up and/or start hit the ball to them.

This really develops the fielders ability to follow the ball and judge its flight path, increasing his ability to catch the ball.