This is just one of my favorite [tag]softball drills[/tag] that I use to help outfielders learning how to adjust to a long fly ball.

Zig Zag Drill:

This [tag]softball drill[/tag]   is similar to what football defense do for their defensive backs.   (You may use cones or simply have the player follow the ball in the coach’s hand.)

— Player is about 5-8 feet away facing the [tag]softball coach[/tag].
— On “go” the player takes her first step back and runs to the cone.
— Once the player reaches the cone then she changes direction and at that point in time the coach throws the [tag]softball[/tag] for the player to run and catch.   (note – add a second cone to have players change directions, then catch fly ball after 2nd cone or point is reached.)

This helps the players concentrate on proper foot work while keeping their eye on the ball.

NOTE: without the use of cones or markers, the coach points to the direction with ball in hand that she wants the player to start, then changes direction the ball is thrown.