One of my subscribers actually suggested this idea for [tag]softball fastpitch hitting drills[/tag].   I’ve included it for you below. This drill works well for slow pitch [tag]softball[/tag] also.Softball Fastpitch Hitting Drills

From Greg…
Batting practice

I use stations for this [tag]softball drill[/tag]–one with a cone hitting into the fence, one with a [tag]softball coach[/tag] flipping balls for a batter to hit into the fence, a coach pitch bunting station, and last but not least the zip and hit station.

The zip and hit is the ball that is fed to the batter with the separation of two strings that are strung through the center of a softball. You can buy this at Dicks Sporting Goods for about $30. At the zip station the batter takes a zip pitch at 5 different speeds starting slow and ramping up to very fast.

We rotate the stations at a fast pace and in groups to keep things moving. With this station approach we can get a lot of hitting in. The zip and hit is fun and is giving the girls perfect pitches at different speeds to hit. This has helped our girls hit much better. If we don’t have a coach to man a station a player can step in to help.