This idea for a [tag]softball fielding drill[/tag] comes courtesy of Janelle.   You will see immediate results in [tag]teamwork[/tag] as well as [tag]fielding[/tag]!Softball Fielding Drill

From Janelle…
My [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] idea and the girls love it:

Cover up drill

Divide girls into groups of 4 (these 4 are one team).
Identify a consequence for everyone except the winners (run 4 chicken feet).
Line up 4 girls 10 foot away from backstop all facing you arm distance apart
Each girl stands in a circle (her area)
Coach stands about 15 ft in front of group with 1 girl catching for [tag]coach[/tag].
Another player feeds balls to you; hit ground balls as fast as you can to girls.

Objective – keep ball from hitting back stop.
Girls must cover each other and communicate. They get 1 point for fielding ball and making a good [tag]throw[/tag] to the person catching for you; bad throws = minus 1 piont . Keep counting and hitting until ball gets past the players.   Next team is up.

I usually go 3 rounds and the team with the highest points does not have to run.

This teaches communication, teamwork, fielding, and competitiveness.