These ideas on [tag]softball fielding drills[/tag] comes courtesy of one of the softball coaches, Heather.  Try the coaching tip that Erica sent to me to help organize your practice set-ups as well.Softball Fielding Drills

From Heather…
I’m a new [tag]softball coach[/tag] for the first time ever this year – High School JV, so this probably isn’t a new [tag]softball drill[/tag] to you, but my girls love it.

I set two buckets 10-15 feet apart and I put a fielder in between the buckets.  Another player soft tosses me balls about 6 feet away and I hit them to the fielder.  She has to shuffle side to side using proper fielding techniques (glove position) and put the balls in the buckets.  They can’t store up the balls in the glove – it’s one by one.  At the end they count how many they got in each bucket.  The top 3 girls that got the most get to watch the other girls do something – I usually have them sprint around the bases and if they don’t round appropriately or if they fail to hear my sneaky base coach commands when they are least expecting it, they get to go again…

From Erica…
Our [tag]softball[/tag] idea:
It is always a difficult task to worry about getting the equipment out, set-up, and making sure the same softball players are not doing it all the time.  So we created a “chore list” and assigned a specific chore to each player for every practice or game.  It takes the first few practices for them to remember what they were assigned but after that, everything runs smoothly.

We start on time, responsibility is divied up, and the coach and I don’t lift a finger, it’s all on them!

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