If you’re looking for fast-paced effective [tag]softball fielding drills[/tag], try this one.   It is a [tag]softball drill[/tag] that I have been using with my players to get them into a good fielding position, and it is also a memory drill.

Get a group of 6-8 players in a circle.   Then, have 1 player in the middle of the circle (no glove).   There should be about 10 — 12 feet from the playing in the middle, to the other players.

Two people on the opposite ends of the circle.   When the [tag]softball coach[/tag] blows the whistle, 1 player will roll the ball to either the left or right of the player in the middle.   The player will keep low, and on the balls of their feet, and retrieve the ground ball.   She will then flip the ball to a player close to her.   As she flips the [tag]softball[/tag], the 2nd player with a ball will roll another grounder.   The player in the middle must field that ball, and flip it to a close player.   The player in the middle must now remember where he flipped the earlier ball, and get ready to field the ball.

The players continue this softball drill for 30 seconds.   You want to work so that your players can work up to 60 seconds.

This drill makes sure the players are staying low, and moving their feet to get to the ball.