Are you searching for [tag]softball fielding drills[/tag] to liven up your [tag]softball practice[/tag]?   This [tag]softball drill[/tag] is one of my kids favorite. We call it Roll and Shuffle.

Roll and Shuffle
Line the girls up in the left field. The first girl stands at second without a glove, legs apart and begins to shuffle towards third.   The [tag]softball coach[/tag] is on the mound rolling softballs slowly to the girl as she begins shuffling.   The goal is to scoop the ball with both hands back towards the pitcher without letting a ball pass through her legs, as many times as possible before she gets to third (much like a pin ball machine).

Repeat this [tag]softball[/tag] drill from third to second.   It can be a competition as well, the further in the rounds you go, the more balls you are rolling, you can even have more than one roller to complicate thing, and for added difficulty you can make them move right or left.