I got the inspiration for this [tag]coaching[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] from Rick.   It includes some fresh ideas on [tag]softball fielding drills[/tag].   Try it out and let me know what you think!Softball Fielding Drill

From Rick
Fence Drill: Game
Around most [tag]softball[/tag] fields there is a chain linked fence. On our practice field the fence is 7 feet high and is divided by poles every 11 feet or so. Choose a three pole section to use as the backdrop for this drill.

The two outside poles are the boundaries for the basis of this challenge. Pick any two fielders (side by side position players such as third and short really works well) and stand them (backs to fence) about 1-2 feet away from the fence.

Place the [tag]hitter[/tag] 35 feet away lined up centered with the middle pole. IMPORTANT….Be sure fielders stagger themselves so that if both dive at the same time for a middle ball, the drill will not end in disaster.

Hit a set # of balls at the fence. We usually do sets of 20. Fielder’s objective: Keep the ball from touching the fence within the set boundaries. Every time the ball hits the fence in fair territory the batter scores 1 point. If the ball is blocked but not completely stopped the [tag]fielder[/tag] must hustle after it to keep it from touching the fence. As long is the fence is not touched…no points are scored. Keep in mind the top of the fence is in play so line drives and low pops are legal.

Goal is to have the fewest balls hit the fence in a set number of fungo attempts. I often hit as a fun, [tag]coach[/tag] to team challenge. We have fun with this and the kids get bragging rights if the coach can’t score off them.