I’m often asked for suggestions for [tag]softball fielding practice drills[/tag].   Here’s a [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] from Beto that will pay huge dividends with your team.Softball Fielding Practice Drills

From Beto…
My   drill targets [tag]hand-eye co-ordination[/tag]. Growing-up in a small neighborhood in Southern Arizona, with approximately 15 kids ages ranging from 7 to 12 we were always looking forward to Spring and Summer to play ball.   During the Fall and Winter we developed a game called “Suicide” a game similar to hand ball.

To play suicide you need a Tennis Ball a minimum of three players (the more the better) and a big brick wall (this obviously works better if the floor area between the players and the wall is hardwood, concrete or pavement). All Players line-up horizontally approximately 20 feet parallel to the wall. The player with the tennis ball throws the ball at the wall (without bouncing it before it reaches the wall). If the player bounces the ball he has an out.

Once the airborne ball reaches the front wall and bounces back another player must [tag]catch[/tag] it with his throwing hand.
If the players drops the ball he must run towards and touch the wall before the next players throw beats the runner to the wall.
If the throw beats the runner, the runner has an out.
If the runner beats the throw, the runner is safe.
When a player accumulates 3 outs he stands at wall as a target for the rest of the players.

Every player must throw at the target (Player with 3 outs) once.
Once every player had his turn, you must start over. No-one wants to be the target so all players do their best to catch the ball and make a good throw.

This develops good hand-eye co-ordination, good [tag]throwing[/tag] speed, and accuracy.   Since a tennis ball is soft no one ever gets hurt.