Special thanks to Robyn for sending this one in.   If you’re searching for [tag]softball fielding tips[/tag], you should try these out!Softball Fielding Tips

From Robyn
A [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] I use is “Around the Field”.   You may have already heard of this one but….

-Split into 2 teams…1 team is [tag]runners[/tag], the other is [tag]fielders[/tag].
-Catcher starts the cycle by [tag]throwing[/tag] to 2nd (continues around the
field-NO pitcher), as the [tag]runner[/tag] is running the bases
-The object is to get the ball back home before the runner – NOT to get
the runner out

What it teaches the fielders:
1.   know what to do with the ball when they get it – know where to go with it
2.   [tag]throwing accuracy[/tag]-the team is depending on you to make a good throw (and catch)
3.   move FAST

What it teaches the runners:
1.   speed
2.   focus on the objective and teamwork to depend on your team (in this case, the runners) to tell you where the ball is