Tim in Hawaii sent these [tag]fielding[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] to me last week. Try these [tag]softball fun drills[/tag] with your team tonight!Softball Fun Drills

From Tim…
I have a [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that kills two birds with one stone.

Take three balls put them half way down the third base line about three feet away from each other all in a row from the foul line towards the [tag]pitching[/tag] circle.
Take two [tag]fielders[/tag] and one [tag]baserunner[/tag]–one fielder waits on second and the other fielder waits on third next to the base. When you say “go” the baserunner runs to second while the third base man runs down the line to throw all three balls one by one as fast as they can to second before the base runner runs past second base.

This teaches the [tag]runner[/tag] to corner first base well and makes them run at top speed. The third baseman realizes once they [tag]throw[/tag] the ball they still have something to do besides watching their throw.   The second base man learns how to receive balls from another fielder. The fielders have to complete all the throws and beat the runner to win.

This is a fun game to play.   I usually make teams to play this drill.
They have lots of fun with this one.

thanks and aloha