This idea for [tag]softball hitting clinics[/tag] comes courtesy of Mark, one of my readers. Try this [tag]drill[/tag] series and hone the [tag]hitting[/tag] skills of your team.Softball Hitting Clinics

From Mark
One [tag]softball[/tag] drill series that I have found useful —

I divide my team into [tag]outfielders[/tag], [tag]infielders[/tag] & [tag]pitchers[/tag]/[tag]catchers[/tag].
I set up 3 hitting stations on the field, 1 at home plate, 1 on the 3rd base line and 1 on the 1st base line.
I have a feeder and [tag]hitter[/tag] at each station and the overflow in the [tag]outfield[/tag] with a bucket in each field — this gives the girls an opportunity to see results instead of hitting into nets all of the time.

I penalize them with push-ups for each ball that they hit into the air (pop ups) and reward them for multiple line drives. I create a competition between the 3 groups and the winners get to choose the [tag]conditioning[/tag] for the day.