Softball Hitting DrillsComing up with new ideas for [tag]softball hitting drills[/tag] is challenging.   Try the [tag]softball drill[/tag] below to improve bunting skills. In addition, I’ve included an end of practice fun drill that players love.

Bunting Drill-
I like the girls to be able to bunt.   After explaining proper grip and rotation of hips/ feet, line the girls up 2 or 3 to a group close to the fence and just throw [tag]softball[/tag]s at them to give them multiple bunting opportunities, after 5 throws, rotate to another coach (total of three coaches doing this).     Do this 3 times at every [tag]softball practice[/tag].

At the end of practice, go around the group asking the team what each player individually did well tonight.   Players like the praise, the groups likes the interaction, and this focuses on positive things and brings the team together.

I like to end practice on a fun note and my girls love this game we call dodgeball. Have 2 lines and 1 ball, each line about 60-90 feet apart (depending on age level). You can not move backwards. One team/line starts by throwing the ball at the feet of other team. If the ball goes through the line, the closest player is out. If the ball is caught the thrower is out. Continue throwing until one line is eliminated. This [tag]softball drill[/tag] helps with throwing accuracy and learning to short hop ground balls.