These [tag]softball hitting drills[/tag] are some of my favorite to use when working with younger [tag]softball[/tag] players.   Each of these [tag]softball drills[/tag] are fast-paced, fun and quickly improve your players hitting skills.

Lightning Round Batting Practice
The player comes up to bat with a 2-2 count.   She is up there to hit the softball and swing at strikes.   I usually give them two chances the 1st go around and after that if they strike out, then we go to the next player.   A [tag]softball coach[/tag] pitches, so you should not have walks.   Once you eliminate the fear for the kid getting out and swinging, this [tag]softball drill[/tag] is really fun and fast paced.   That is why I call it “The Lightning Round”.

Closed Eyes Drill
This next drill requires multiple position batting tee.   Batter takes hitting position in box then closes eyes. The coach puts the ball in different positions on tee and batter then opens eyes and hits. This drill helps with recognizing pitch location .

Blackeyed Pea Drill
We started doing an old drill a few weeks ago that the players love. It’s called the Black eyed pea drill. Buy a bag of pea’s from the grocery store for a couple of bucks and get to doing soft toss. It’s a blast.   Start with a swift stick. You can use anything from a broom stick to a regular bat. After about 20 hits with these, a softball looks as big a a water melon.

Great way to get kids to keep there eyes on what they are trying to hit at all levels!