One of the [tag]softball hitting drills[/tag] that my team likes is the multiple ball toss.

I usually start with a one ball toss.   Kneel down slightly in front and to the side of the batter and toss one [tag]softball[/tag] to them and they hit it into the net or side of the batter’s cage.

Then when I feel the batter is making good contact I toss up two balls and tell them either top or bottom.   They then hit either the top or bottom ball.   After they get that down I move on to three balls. It’s harder on me tossing 3 balls than it is them as I usually have to use both hands.   I then tell them either top, bottom, or middle.

Usually the batters that like to hit the high ball struggle to hit the bottom ball and the batters that like the low ball struggle to hit the top one. This [tag]softball drill[/tag] really helps them focus and they have fun doing it.