Christina sent this one to me.   Some great [tag]softball hitting drills[/tag] that don’t require a coaching PhD to figure out.   Try them with your team!

I made up this [tag]softball drill[/tag] and it was a lot of fun!   I taught the team the starting stance of hitting (Feet forward, front arm and upper part of back arm parallel to floor, weight balanced, chin near front shoulder, bat pointing slightly back toward back-stop, and middle knuckles aligned).Softball Hitting Drills

With all these cues in mind I called up the three girls who had missed the batting practice and had them stand regular.   I then divided up the team into three groups, each group had one of the girls standing regular.   It was each groups mission to “mold” the standing girl into the correct [tag]softball[/tag] batting stance.   Each cue was a point, and the group with the most points (best batting stance girl) was the winner.   The key is that the girl standing is not allowed to move anything unless her group placed her in that position.

PS:   A great warm-up for my middle school girls is a simple game of tag.   If they get tagged they have to go out of bounds and take three correct swings, or correct batting stance, or correct ready position- anything that you have been working on so that the idea can be reiterated in a fun game warm-up to get them loose and ready to go for [tag]softball practice[/tag].