Two of my readers actually suggested these ideas for [tag]softball hitting tips[/tag] and diving [tag]drills[/tag]. I’ve included them for you below.Softball Hitting Tips

From Bradley…
Well we use several drills and I am sure some of which a lot of other coaches use.

I coach girl’s [tag]softball[/tag] 8 and under.   I was having a problem with the girls dipping with their [tag]swing[/tag] or upper cutting. So what we do before we hit off tees is I have my [tag]batter[/tag] slide the bat behind their back holding the bat to where it only allows a small bit of the sweet spot sticking out.

I have them [tag]practice[/tag] with twisting and making contact with the ball on the Tee.   It not only has helped with the swing but it has also taught them the proper way to use their hip and drive through the ball and finish a swing.

From Tom…
Diving Drill
In our school we have to share time in the gym for practice with track equipment in the gym so I put their big high jump pit mats to use.

I line the girls up on one side and have them [tag]dive[/tag] on the mats as a [tag]coach[/tag] throws a line drive ball over the mat and they dive to [tag]catch[/tag] it, then line them up in the other direction.   The kids just love it.