Here’s one of my favorite softball hitting videos, from UCLA legend Sue Enquist.

She goes through four reasons your hitter might be under-performing right now, and how you can help her become more successful (and consistent) at the plate.

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A quick rundown…

  1. Is the batter physically strong enough? Does she have the core and lower body strength to generate enough bat speed and power? Are her forearm and wrist strong enough to control the bat effectively?
  2. Does the batter have good vision? Is she turning her head completely toward the pitcher and using BOTH eyes to judge the speed and trajectory of the ball?
  3. Is the batter mentally tough enough? Can she handle the pressure of a tough at-bat? Is she mentally disciplined enough to make the sacrifices before and after practice to become a better hitter?
  4. Is the batter emotionally tough enough? Does she have the right perspective to handle the ups and downs of hitting?

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