I received this suggestion on [tag]softball how to play[/tag] from Doug.Softball How to Play

Something that my girls really like for [tag]softball[/tag] practice, and it works on making plays under pressure for them as well.  
We divide the girls into two equal groups, placing one group behind third, and one of those girls will be on second.   The other group stays at home plate with batting helments on.
Start out by [tag]hitting[/tag] the ball to the girl on third, as soon as you hit the ball the runner starts running as she hit a double.   The player on third has to make the catch, and throw to second base.   As soon as she throws you hit a another ball to her, she has to make the catch and throw to second again, while the runner is still running to second base.   As soon as that throw is made you hit the final ball to her, which she must make the play on and throw to second base before the runner gets there.   If she gets all three balls there before the runner, her team gets 1 pt.   If the runner gets there first, the runners team gets 1 pt.

Now the girl that was making the plays goes to second to catch the ball, and the girl on second goes into line on third base.   The runner goes back to her team at home.
They work as a team to field and catch to get the point.   The runners are required to run as they hit a double and slide into second.   You can really have fun with this because you can mix up the hits– grounders/flies/bunts to make the final throw a close play at second.  

Our girls love this.   When one team has all had a chance to make the play, you switch, and they now run for points while the other team throws for points.