If you live in an area where you have to spend a great deal of time working out indoors, try these softball indoor drills. This one is called knock-out.

We use a basketball gym and always end practice with the following:
The game is played the length of the gym.
We place two cones on each end of the gym about 20’ apart.
The players team up into pairs.
One team will get at each end of the gym, one team with a softball.

The throwing team can only go slightly past their own “top of the key arch”.   They are to throw the ball at their opponents on one short bounce.   The defending players must do whatever is necessary to block the ball from going past them and between the two cones.

If they block it, they then become the throwing pair.   This keeps going   back and forth (like a tennis match) until one team throws it past their opponent or they throw it outside the two cones.   Losing pair moves out, the next pair of players move in.   Winning team keeps going until they get knocked out.   This can continue to go for as long as you like.   We usually have 15 minutes, but our players will always want to keep going.

This softball drill gets their competitive juices flowing and helps players practice to knock down the ball at all costs.