I have been receiving many requests for [tag]softball infield drills[/tag].   This is a drill I use called Cross Fire.   It is an excellent [tag]softball drill[/tag] for youth teams and adding the competition element makes it a real hit.   Give it a try!

Cross Fire:
Split the team (or group of kids) in half and put one group at SS and one group at 2B.
Put a [tag]softball coach[/tag] (with a fungo bat) and a catcher on each side of home plate.

The coach on the 3B side of the plate hits grounders to the group at 2B, while the coach on the 1B side of the plate hits grounders to the group at SS.   After each player fields their grounder they throw the [tag]softball[/tag] to the catcher of the coach that hit it, then move to the back of the other line.

You can rotate like this until you feel they have had enough or you can introduce competition.   Make an error and your out.   Make a bad throw and you are out.   Start hitting the ball harder.   The last one in the game is the winner.

The winner either gets a reward (such as a treat) or the winner does not have to run with rest of the team (I found an Indian run around the complex is a great motivator).   I use this softball drill often as you can get a lot of reps in and the kids really get into it.