One of the [tag]softball infield drills[/tag] I use with my team is called the Overthrow Drill. The idea of this [tag]softball drill[/tag] is to work on players positioning themselves in case of a bad throw or overthrow.

  • All players take their position on the [tag]softball[/tag] field.
  • One player in the infield is given the ball and they choose where they want to throw the ball.
  • The throw must be out of reach of the intended player on purpose making the other position player who should be backing up to get the ball.
  • They then overthrow the ball to another position allowing another backup to take place.

Softball Infield DrillsThis can go on until the [tag]softball coach[/tag] stops the drill. This works well with [tag]pitchers[/tag] in determining where they need to be at all times. Everyone on the field stays alert because they never know when they will be called on to backup a throw.