I received this suggestion on [tag]softball infield drills[/tag] from Becky.   This is quite a creative [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] and definitely worth using with your team!Softball Infield Drills

From Becky…

Need: one ball, goal lines, gloves for each player.

Divide [tag]team[/tag] equally (numbers and talent).
Goal on each side about 100yds apart.
One team “kicks off” (throwing ball) to other team.
Receiving team attempts to cross their goal line by passing the ball to teammates.
Offense can take 5 steps before throwing ball.
Must [tag]throw[/tag] within 3 secs.
If ball is dropped it is a turnover.
If intercepted by defense a turnover.   No unnecessary roughness. (5 minute penalty for that player).
Decide in beginning a time limit.

The girls love this game and it is great [tag]conditioning[/tag].