Coming up with fresh ideas for [tag]softball outfield drills[/tag] can be challenging.   Try this [tag]softball drill[/tag] using a [tag]pitching machine[/tag].   You can cover a lot of situations this way and your players will definitely benefit.

Outfield drill:
Set up a pitching machine at or around home plate.
Set 4 cones in outfield, in a biq square, 30 or so feet apart from deep right center to deep left center to short left center to short right center.

Start with sets of players at each cone. We will shoot a pop fly to the center of the square and have one of the girls from a cone go get the fly ball.   Once she has thrown the [tag]softball[/tag] back to machine feeder, that girl will rotate to another cone, and the girl from that cone will be the one going after the pop fly.

Adjust the machine for different types of outfield hits– fly balls, line drives, blop hits and have the girls go get them from the different angles.

This softball drill works all your moves–charging the ball from deep, going back to the left, going back to the right, etc.