One of the biggest areas that coaches neglect is [tag]softball outfield drills[/tag].   Read below for a great suggestion from Jon on this topic:Softball Outfield Drills

Something I like to do with my outfielders is give them a numbering scheme.   I use the numbers 7,8,9, for this [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] but you can use any three numbers you want.  

I always call out three numbers which indicate what each [tag]outfielder[/tag] is to do.

The first number corresponds to the left fielder, the second number the center fielder, and the third the right fielder.   If I call out 7,7,7, then each fielder shifts toward left field.   If I call out 8,8,8, then they stay where they are and if I call out 9,9,9, then they all shift toward right field.  

You can call out any scheme you want, you can have only one shift or all three shift, it is up to you.  

I like to do this because it is easier then trying to get their attention and they are prepared for it.