This idea on [tag]softball outfield drills[/tag] comes courtesy of Rick. Try this one with your team and see the quick improvements.Softball Outfield Drills

From Rick…
We use this as part of our daily [tag]warm-up[/tag] routine.

Partners begin about 5 feet apart in a good [tag]defensive[/tag] position.

They will [tag]throw[/tag] short hop balls to one another placing the emphasis on soft hands, nose down, and alligator jaws.

Initially the tosses are done at a reasonable speed as to emphasize proper fundamentals.   We then move them back on 5 foot increments, increasing the speed of the tosses.

We finish with the kids approximately 30 feet apart.

This [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] will greatly improve the ability of your [tag]fielders[/tag] to deal with the low throw or the short hop line drive.