Here’s a great video from Gina Vecchione – former All American outfielder at UCLA and current assistant coach at UCLA. Inside, she shows us three of her favorite softball outfield drills for developing young players:

  • Two Ball Chase Drill: A great conditioning drill that improves your players’ “quick burst” agility, for a quicker jump on the ball and better range in the outfield
  • Barehand Drill: How to train your outfielders to see the ball right into the glove, improving eye-hand coordination and eliminating costly errors!
  • Gap Communication Drill: Helps establish your outfield “hierarchy” for playing balls into the gap, so your players work together likely a finely tuned machine!

Looking For More Softball Outfield Drills?

This clip is a sample from the new online video clinic, “Total Outfielding.”


Lots of coaches have been writing in for more details, so here’s a quick summary.

It’s around 57 mins long. The first part covers the fundamentals and mechanics of the position – stuff every coach should know. The second part gives you 18 killer drills to develop better throwing, fielding, relay, and communication skills.

I’d highly recommend this resource if you’re looking to eliminate those costly outfield errors, limit extra-base hits, and upgrade your defensive performance. Click here to get the full product info.

Or if you want to check out some more free articles, head over to our complete collection of fastpitch fielding drills. Before you go, don’t forget to let me know what YOU think!

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