We use these [tag]softball pitching drills[/tag] frequently.   It is a pitching fundamental drill called Hand Break.   We want our pitchers to learn to break your hands in a swinging motion.

Drill: set a [tag]softball[/tag] on a table, or something about waste high, a couple of feet behind the pitching rubber. We tell our pitchers that to swing from the stretch to “High-Cock” they need to swing in the shape of “Angel Wings”.

Here’s how we start: Pitchers work from the stretch without the ball. During the hand break we want both hands to go down then swinging out together with the palms and thumbs down. Have them stop at the bottom outside corner of their “Angel Wing” motion, and pick up the ball.

This teaches them to keep their palms down at this point. Then let them finish their throwing motion from their. Balance will also be taught with this [tag]softball drill[/tag] as their weight will have to stay back to stay balanced in the ball “pick-up” position. They must stop their whole body motion to pick up the ball, then restart to throw.