Take a look at these submissions from Rey and from Ricky.   Great examples of [tag]softball pitching drills[/tag] that work well with your youth softball teams.Softball Pitching Drills

From Rey…
I coach my daughter’s coach pitch team. We do what’s called (Queen of the Swing).   All the girls line up with their bats, they get 1 swing, wherever that [tag]softball[/tag] is pitched they must make contact. It’s a good last pitch drill. Past ball, they are out, foul ball they are out, fair ball they continue till only 1 girl is left. Last girl must hit the ball fair, or she is out too. Good softball drill for pitching coach. Last pitch always has more pressure.

From Ricky…
I currently have been coaching a Fastpitch/Coach Pitch Girls 6 & Under softball team for the last two years.
One fun and memorable [tag]softball drill[/tag]/game that we do is play the softball version of HOT POTATO.

All the girls get in a circle and they have to pass the ball around in the circle and place it in the “pocket” of the glove of the girl seated next to her.   We have someone not in the circle, [tag]softball coach[/tag]/parent etc. who turns their back to the game and calls time at random.   Eventually, someone wins by process of elimination.   I have found that this is a simple but fun game for young girls at the 6 & under level.

Of course the emphasis it to remember that the pocket of the glove not the palm is where the ball belongs.