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Walk Through Pitching Drill

This drill is performed with a ball and a catcher or a bucket of balls and a catch net. Once again you’ll need to draw a line (this time about 10 feet long) that extends from the pitching rubber toward the pitching target.

Purpose:  This drill will help the pitcher’s rhythm while she pitches. It will also help her develop more leg drive which will allow her to pitch with more power.

Performance:  The pitcher begins this drill with the foot on her glove side behind the rubber and her pitching (pivot) foot behind her glove leg.

 As she begins to pitch the ball for this drill, the pitcher should step forward onto the pitching rubber with her pitching foot and load her weight onto that leg. Then she should begin to lean into the pitch.  

 The pitcher’s hands should come together a little to the side of her hip. With a powerful stride she should step forward on the line and move her stride leg with her glove hand and pitching hand. The glove arm and pitching arm should stay together for about the first quarter of the arm circle.

 The pitcher should then finish with a solid, aggressive leg drive, and a good follow-through.

 Coaching Points: The coach should watch to make sure all the mechanics — spacing, posturing, sequencing, and alignment — are being performed correctly.

If you enjoyed the drill, be sure to check out this free softball pitching video…