In today’s softball pitching video tutorial, we are demonstrating how to spin the ball when you pitch.   Spins are very important in softball pitching. You want to be sure to take the time to work on your spins because it’s going to make your pitches a lot more crisp and your drop work a lot more effective.

The arm motion in softball is the same for every pitch. What changes the pitch is how the wrist finishes when the ball is released and the resulting spin of the ball.   But different grips also help to enforce the correct form of the wrist motion and ensure the desired spin.


Tips to Remember:

Make certain the spin of each pitch is right…the rotation is going in the right direction, and the ball is spinning rapidly.

You will see a lot of rise balls that don’t rise because they don’t have the bottom-to-top spin (as seen by the catcher), or curve balls that don’t spin the right direction.

A drop ball has to have a tight,  fast top-to-bottom spin.


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