With a [tag]softball team[/tag] that is just getting to the “player” pitch level, you need to focus on [tag]softball pitching practice[/tag] as much as possible. A great [tag]softball drill[/tag] I have found for girls learning to pitch is the pivot-push drill that teaches them the lower body movement which is so important to pitching.

We use of piece of pvc pipe and you can even wrap a towel around it. A long stick will do also.   Have the player hold the stick behind her back with her arms curled up under it where it rests between the tricep and the forearm.   Have them start with feet square then have them put weight on right foot (for right hander) with left foot coming up off ground, pivot the foot then push off of the foot having the foot come all the way through like the follow through.   Keep doing this non-stop for 30 yards.   Then do it again.

The girls don’t think it is much fun but it really helps them develop the lower body technique involved in [tag]softball[/tag] pitching.   Its also something they can do at home and takes no equipment.