I got the inspiration for this [tag]softball[/tag] coaching tip from Judd.   It includes a fresh idea for a [tag]softball practice drill[/tag].   Try it out and let me know what you think!Softball Practice Drill

Another [tag]drill[/tag] that I came up with (although I’m sure other coaches have probably come up with these same [tag]drills[/tag] before) I call “Back up”.

This is a drill that I usually use at the beginning of [tag]practice[/tag] after the girls have done their warm-ups. I have the girls pair up and form two lines about 20-30 feet apart. 2 girls are chosen as the starting back ups. They take position about 20 feet behind each line. We then begin to [tag]throw[/tag] emphasizing proper position-what I call the “power position”. I shout out “power position” and then “throw” at which point the girls on one line throw the ball to their partner on the other line. If one of the girls misses a throw it is the job of the back up to get to the ball as quickly as possible. If she gets to the ball first then she takes that girls place. This reinforces both making good throws, as well as hustle to get to a passed ball. For the “back ups” it reinforces backing up throws. If the miss is the result of a bad throw, then the girl who made the bad throw becomes the “[tag]back-up[/tag]”.

We have found that it is a fun way to do your [tag]warm up[/tag] throws. As the drill progresses we shorten the time between throws. Until at the end it is one throw after another. With everyone trying not to be the last person to be a “back-up”. The penalty for being the last “back-up” is usually having to do a silly dance move in front of the team or sing a line of some song that the rest of the team chooses.

We almost always end up laughing at the end–a great ice breaker/loosener for the beginning of practice.