One of the [tag]softball practice drills[/tag] that players really like is called the 4 Corners Drill.   Try it out and see it become a favorite [tag]softball drill[/tag] for your team!

Start with a square with one corner at home, another approx 15 feet up the 3rd base line, another 15 feet towards 2nd, another 15 feet towards 1st.

Softball starts at home and can go either way. Let’s say you go clockwise and the player throws to 3rd. Then from the 3rd base corner to the 2nd base corner, then to 1st, then to home, and repeat.

Once this goes around 3 times, the players that are not at home, go out to the next set of cones, 15 further away, and repeat. After 3 rounds again, they go all the way back to the bags and finish with 3 more rounds.Softball Practice Drills

You can make this a competition and keep track of the times throughout the [tag]softball[/tag] season. What you end up with is 3 squares that progressively get larger and you are going around the horn. You can do this going both ways and focusing on receiving the ball with 2 hands, turning glove side when appropriate.